Until you actually attend a performance, it’s difficult to truly appreciate the intricate sets and remarkably detailed props and costumes at a Minnesota Opera production.

However, as the company in charge of video marketing for their grand comedic spectacle “Don Pasquale”, it was our job to convey its rich visuals and stellar showmanship in a compelling video package, within a speedy delivery window. We love a unique challenge.

Our crew recorded the dress rehearsal on Thursday Oct. 5 – just 2 days prior to opening night on Saturday the 7th. Working overtime to compile and edit the rehearsal footage as quickly as possible, we delivered a robust portfolio of visual marketing materials by Friday, giving the MN Opera a full day to promote the production on social media channels and local news outlets.

Most of the projects we take on don’t require such a brisk turnaround, but in this situation, being flexible with our time allows us to deliver quality content to meet our client’s tight deadline. By capturing multiple camera angles and clean audio, and employing snazzy color correction techniques, we were able to create an accurate artistic representation of the production, literally overnight. Our work with MN Opera shows FCM’s ability to juggle multiple facets of production at once, changing gears seamlessly from production to post production to final delivery. It’s a rewarding exercise in time management and communication.

When finished, the videos take on the life of the show, giving potential opera-goers an exciting sneak peek at the upcoming performance. Check out the next MN Opera show, The Marriage of Figaro, November 11-19, at the Ordway in downtown St. Paul. We’ll see you there!

CLIENT:  Minnesota Opera

SERVICES:  multi-cam, color correction, editing, extra-fast turnaround

YEAR:  2017