When Scott Steigauf of Allweather Roof first approached us to lend our video production and marketing talents, we were immediately struck by his unique job title – Roof Captain.

After speaking with Scott for just a few minutes, we quickly learned why he so confidently embraced this moniker. His conviction, authenticity, and creative energy were undeniable, and his genuine passion for the work he does made it clear that this was an ideal client for Flight Creative Media. 

Following a productive meeting at our office, we set the goal of creating a video to introduce Scott's services to a broad audience. The plan was to portray a day in the life of the Roof Captain – detailing the role he plays at Allweather Roof, and how his boundless motivation and wide array of skills bring unique value to his customers.

Once we got to work scripting, we began brainstorming ideas about how to show and tell the many facets of Scott's day-to-day work life, while also highlighting his personality and vision.

Over the course of a day, we captured a cinematic sequence of Scott's morning routine, then utilized our DJI Ronin drone for smooth and scenic aerial shots of a rooftop inspection meeting, and finally, visited several client sites to gather a variety of shots – including a top down aerial perspective with our DJI Inspire 2.

In the end, Scott received an informative and memorable video introduction, which he's now able to link to from a range of digital channels including his website, LinkedIn, and even his personalized email signature. Using video, he's able to boost his reach, build brand recognition, and easily springboard into meaningful conversations with potential clients.

CLIENT:  Allweather Roof

SERVICES:  cinematography, editing, scripting, VO recording

YEAR:  2017