Sparboe Companies "Egg Products Video"

When a business sets out to build a new website, they need look no further than a service like Squarespace or Wix. However, these platforms merely provide the framework. Many businesses simply don't have an abundance of time or resources to create compelling original content to populate their website. That's where we come in.

As website tools become more advanced and user-friendly, it's becoming more and more necessary for businesses to set themselves apart with sleek, professional video content. This not only generates better SEO, it grabs the user's attention, and sets the business apart from their competition. Taking the important information on a web page and condensing it down to an engaging short video clip provides a modern and effective way to showcase what a business is all about. 

Wayzata-based Sparboe Companies needed exactly that - an overview video showing how they transform 85 million eggs a year into a variety of egg products which are distributed to food manufacturers and restaurants across the country. Naturally, we jumped in our Flight Creative production vehicle and set out for the Sparboe production plant in New Hampton, Iowa.

We knew this project would require a quick shoot and a fast turnaround, as the client needed it to be ready in time for the launch of their new website the following week. Having worked with tight deadlines many times before, we knew we were up to the task. So working off a short voiceover script, we developed a plan to feature all the key messages in 90 seconds or less. 

Often when working in an industrial environment, not every shot is perfectly mapped out beforehand. While we might have a rough idea of the processes we want to feature, specific shots or details need to be identified the day of the shoot if budget doesn't allow for a scouting trip. Luckily, our cinematographers and directors are well equipped to actively survey the shooting environments to identify impactful composition, important details, and natural flow.

This project utilized the full range of our services including shooting, editing, and drone aerials. It also features our very own Josh Porter as the man behind the voiceover. Josh has a great voice for narrating, and since he works right here at Flight Creative HQ, we can record scripts and revisions in our sound booth with super-fast turnaround times. Pretty cool.

We had a great experience working with Sparboe, and are proud to see the video we created featured prominently on their egg products web page.

CLIENT:  Sparboe Companies

SERVICES: cinematography, editing, aerials, voiceover

YEAR:  2018