How do you commemorate the arrival of a new class of college students? By arranging them in the shape of a giant number, of course! 

St. Olaf does this with incoming students every year, and usually marks the occasion with a photo. This time, however, we pulled out all the stops.

When filming a large crowd, it's crucial to plan ahead and move quickly. That was especially true in this case, with extra variables in the mix (time of day, student schedules, drone flying conditions, etc).

Racing against the setting sun, and with the help of some dedicated St. Olaf students and staff, we guided nearly 800 first-years into a massive "21," representing their future graduation year.

Naturally, our Inspire 2 camera drone and Part-107 certified pilot team played a critical role in making this all happen. Over the course of 10 minutes – from a top-down view – we captured the bustle of the students grabbing t-shirts and forming the giant number. With the scene set, the camera flies up and out, revealing the campus on a beautiful summer night.

We're proud of the work we did for this project, but we couldn't have pulled it off without the coordination and can-do attitude of these bright young students. Here's to the Class of 2021 – enjoy your time at St. Olaf!

CLIENT:  St. Olaf College

SERVICES:  cinematography, editing, aerial, color correction

YEAR:  2017