For this month's video spotlight, we wanted to showcase a piece we did last year for United Way of Goodhue, Wabasha and Pierce counties. 

The video served as a stylish opener for in-business presentations done by the United Way team. In under 3 minutes, we were able to showcase recent initiatives, advance ownership of the communities, and introduce goals for the campaign.

Work started on the video months in advance, with our crew traveling to southeast Minnesota and capturing a series of three events happening throughout the year. After crafting self-contained video chapters out of each event, the next goal was to find a way to introduce and weave those chapters together into a single project.

First we drafted a voiceover script to serve as a framework, and recorded the voiceover in-house. We then pieced together several sections of b-roll and stock footage to go with the voiceover, and placed those sections between the mini-stories we'd already crafted. The result is a well-paced look at the challenges and objectives set forth by United Way for the following year.

Because this particular UW office serves three different counties, it was important to find a way to engage people from around the entire area, in addition to just the locales featured in the mini-stories. Aerial video emerged as a great way to show familiar scenery that locals would recognize. Using our Part 107 licensed drone team, we captured a variety of beautiful flyovers from around southeast Minnesota. 


CLIENT:  United Way of Goodhue, Wabasha & Pierce Counties

SERVICES:  cinematography, editing, scripting, aerials, voiceover

YEAR:  2017