Carlson AirFlo "ELITE LED Self Facer System"

Minneapolis-based Carlson AirFlo has been innovating in the product merchandising space for over 25 years. Their mission is to increase sales and reduce labor for clients with merchandising racks and refrigerated cases, like you might see in grocery stores. For this particular project, our company was contracted to help spread the word about their ELITE LED Self Facing System. Carlson AirFlo wanted to use our video to emphasize the benefits provided by the system, especially the heightened visual impact of the bright LED lighting.

It became apparent that the perfect place to showcase the ELITE LED system was in a real grocery store. We figured the best way to show off the product itself was to demonstrate it in context of realistic customer experiences. So we set up a red-eye shoot at a local grocery store. Starting at midnight allowed us to capture the footage we needed at the store location, without disrupting regular shopping traffic. Kudos to our actors for making it look just like a regular day!

As a unique way to augment the impact of the video spot, Carlson AirFlo decided to push the creative envelope … literally. Our promotional spot was digitally loaded onto an e-card that played media when opened. It was a very cool experience to be able to tangibly hold our work in our hands like that, and it serves as a great example of how to take a classic product video and repurpose it in a unique and compelling way.

CLIENT:  Carlson AirFlo

SERVICES:  filming, cinematography, editing, motion graphics, product ad

YEAR:  2017