Jack Knudsen  •  CEO / Aerial Operations

Jack plays an essential role in plotting and steadying the course of the company. When he's not engaging with clients or supervising the development of new video projects, he's formulating new ways to further the company's ambitions. Under Jack's leadership, FCM's growing fleet of camera drones have become one of the most valuable and sought-after services we offer. And perhaps most importantly, Jack cultivates a spirit of open collaboration among the crew, making for a highly productive and exceptionally gratifying place to work.

Nate Haustein  •  COO / Director

Armed with a vast knowledge of film tech and video production, Nate’s strong instincts and attention to detail make him an excellent Production Lead. Whether coordinating film shoots as Director of Photography or managing post-production as Supervising Editor, Nate plans and delegates like a pro. However, it's his genuine eagerness to assist the crew with any task, during any stage of production, that earns him the most respect from his co-workers.

Bob '17 Headshot (Round).jpg

Bob Knudsen  •  CMO / Executive Producer

Bob is a key contributor to streamlining production, cultivating client relationships, and maintaining brand consistency. His technical versatility and decisiveness allow him to move freely between filming, producing and editing, and his strong interpersonal skills make him an excellent creative conduit between our crew and our clients. While Bob loves getting involved in production, he's always exploring new marketing opportunities for us and our clients.

Josh '17 Headshot (1).jpg

Josh Porter  •  Marketing Director / Writer

While Josh spends much of his time in the editing room, he also loves flexing his writing talents by generating FCM’s social media posts, composing marketing / web content, and drafting and revising scripts as needed. He is also an experienced graphic designer, having built most of the visual assets for this very website. He even serves as our resident voiceover artist.

Andy Knudsen  •  Cinematographer / Designer

Andy is a valued member of our field production team, and his talents and proficiencies continue to grow with every project. Whether in the studio or on location, Andy is as proficient and reliable behind the camera as he is in the editing room.

Alec Johnson  •  Project Manager / Editor

Alec is highly regarded among the Flight crew for his skill and ingenuity with computers, particularly video editing software. He boasts an impressive ability to organize and assemble a complex video project with speed and efficiency, while still meeting or exceeding FCM's high standards of quality and visual fidelity.