Since its founding in 2007, our company has enjoyed a steady period of growth, success, and new opportunities. However, its true origin can be traced back to Red Wing, MN with three childhood friends and a video camera.

Twin brothers Jack and Bob Knudsen and their closest friend Nate Haustein began creating home movies just for kicks – a funnel for their creative energies.  But as their knowledge and experience grew, so did their vision. The trio went from loosely reenacting Lord of the Rings and Star Wars scenes to filming and producing their own original content, granting them wider audiences and greater success. After a few short years, a childhood pastime had turned into a profession. Most importantly, it didn’t feel like work — it felt like progress.

With college on the horizon, the three decided it was time to get serious. They started working out of their home basement as River's Edge Digital Media, filming and producing videos for concerts, events, weddings, and whatever else came their way. The projects allowed them to generate extra income and hone their talents while they completed their education. 

After graduating with business, marketing and film degrees, together they found a way to keep growing the company, all while working additional full-time jobs. In 2011, after years of bootstrapping, the three young pioneers finally had enough resources, experience, loyal clients, and professional-grade equipment to commit to their passion full-time. River’s Edge Digital Media became Flight Creative Media, and with the new name came a renewed sense of purpose and vitality.

Now a full-service video marketing agency, FCM encompasses a team of well-rounded creative professionals, tackling hundreds of projects a year. Our crew employs a wide array of talents and proficiencies, with one unifying mission:

“To tell visually compelling stories that inform, engage, and inspire to communicate ideas that advance the common good.”